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How much the dispute impact on my profile JSS ?

I started a project with my client in 1/3/2020

the work period should be for 3 months, which means the deadline should be 1/6/2020

(after about 10 days)


he only clarified his idea in general without much details


I worked on his idea till this day (the today's date) , suddenly he sent a new designs & requirments which will require much more work (repeating much work and changing the whole design for the web & mobile app)


impossible to finish these new requirments in about 10 days and I'm not sure if I finished the new design / requirments - he'll ask for more or not (speically in our case , he's setting a fixed budget for the project)


What if I disputed this issue to Upwork , I'm only worry about my ratings and JSS not care about how much money I'll take after the dispute


So how will Upwork take the client's feedback after this dispute? 

how much this will impact on my ratings and JSS , (logically , the client feedback won't be good after a dispute)