How our proposals appear to clients?

Well, I know it is a very basic question but I am wondering how my proposal (or anyone's proposal) appears to the client in below two cases:


1- If field of cover letter is only there.

2- If proposal has the field of cover letter plus 2 or 3 other fields (questions from client)


Can anyone help us here?

Thank you very much.


Hi Mohammad,


I for one would like to know much more about how things look to clients, to the point where I'm thinking of registering as a client and posting a small (but genuine) job of my own. I just haven't got around to doing it yet, as I'm still thinking up a suitable job.


To answer part of your question, I've read numerous times (and believe) that, where the client has asked questions, the freelancer's answers to those questions are shown _above_ the cover letter. That said, I'm not sure if this is only in the proposal list (where the client sees a brief summary of each proposal) or if it's also true when the client clicks through to the full proposal.


I've also read that the proposal list contains just the first couple of lines of each answer and of the cover letter. So it's probably a good idea to include something attention-grabbing in those first couple of lines. That said, it would be good to know just how much "a couple of lines" is. If I include line breaks in my text, am I wasting part of my couple of lines, or are the line breaks ignored in these brief summaries (as they are in the freelancer's Job Feed)? Probably the latter.


Maybe some kind person could post a couple of screen shots of client screens (blanking out identifying info if that's considered necessary).


1- If field of cover letter is only there:

Only the cover later shows.


2- If proposal has the field of cover letter plus 2 or 3 other fields (questions from client):

These Additional fields appear at first & then your cover latter.