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Re: How some decision can affect your JSS

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Yasser V Member Since: Jan 11, 2021
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Dear Community,


As we know the JSS is very important for new freelancers or some of them that are looking for projects. Right now I have a long term contract and recently I receive some invitation for long term with very high rate. So my question is if I accept a best offer how can I close a contract with a client without affecting my JSS?


Best regards,


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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Yasser V wrote:

So my question is if I accept a best offer how can I close a contract with a client without affecting my JSS?

When a contract ends, both parties have the chance to leave feedback. The only effect on your JSS is from the feedback a client leaves for you.


So if that client leaves great feedback for you, it affects your JSS positively. If that client leaves poor feedback for you, it affects your JSS negatively.

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Shiva S Member Since: Mar 16, 2021
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Hello Yasser,

The "rating" is entirely on the hands of the client, and they may give any rating they desire.


So, there is no way to really know how they will react once you tell them you want to stop working and close the contract. They may understand you and simply leave a great rating for the job you've already done, or they may be upset because they will have to hire someone else and they were counting on you.

It's hard to know and it entirely depends on them.
In my experience (not Upwork experience, to be honest) the best way to approach this is: Talk to them and let them know you wish to end the contract, be gentle and kindle about it and ask a) how they feel about it and b) if there is something you can do to make "this process" easier to them. Be nice and let them know you care, and hopefully they won't mind it that much.

Now, not directly related to what you're saying but: Is this new contract from a trustworthy client? what are their reviews/rating? and they already made a formal proposal? The reason I'm asking is that sometimes you may be fascinated by the possibility of "earning more" and quit your previous contract, only to realize the new client has changed their mind, or is simply not worth the money by itself.

Anyway, hope it helps.
All the best

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Jamie F Member Since: Mar 7, 2010
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Just to be sure - you are aware that you can keep both jobs, right?