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How (still) broken notification kills business for all of us (including upwork!)

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Tony H Member Since: Nov 10, 2011
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I made a post about the broken notification system a while back and was told by a form mod that the issue was fixed that very morning. I later replied to explain it still wasn't working, but there was no further replies from any mods.


Here's another scenario that clearly shows how it's hurts all of our business.


I received an invite for a job yesterday.

Today, the client responds saying he has an immediate problem. (Let's focus on the IMMEDIATE part)

I replied.

He replied 6 hours ago. I did not get an email, a new message notification, an orange bell notification... nothing.


This client of Upwork's who is new and looking to spend his money here, has an urgent issue and the ONLY way I knew he was trying to communicate with me is because I was looking for some information about a conversation with a particular client, among a list of 6 or so, I accidently came across his reply within the job proposal message record.


Now.. this time we are lucky. I could not do what he was asking and his reply was only to say 'Thanks'.


What if I agreed to help him and he needed to communicate his urgent need with me to get the job done today?


There is absolutely NO way to know he was trying to communicate with me. Are we expected to click through each and every job proposal, every 10 minutes, to look for message from paying clients?


The issue I'm struggling with the most is, even though I nrought this up before and was told is was fixed that morning.. it wasn't and even though I bumped the thread, no one replied.


Who knows if/when I'll end up with a notification about his reply.


This is exactly the sort of thing that will turn off new clients, screw up communications to a point where services cannot be provided in time, and ultimately lose everyone money.


I realize this is a waste of time writing this, as I honestly don't think they care enough about this topic to fix it anytime soon. Venting is pointless at this point... so really I dunno why I bother reiterating something that's been talked about for God knows how long now.


At what point do we stop asking for help or fixes?


Kinda makes me wonder if Upwork is behind building these new freelancer sites popping up, incognito, because they know this one is beyond repair and realize it's only a matter of time before it sinks enough that some ametuer programmers with extra time build a better platform out of their garage.


I've been yelling and screaming for a couple years now that if oDesk kept doing what they were doing that one day someone was going to build a new site, and that will open the market's eyes to other options. The only reason Upwork has a monopoly right now is because this is where all the traffic is. That could change easy enough and soon enough, as long as Upwork keeps on trying to build systems they can't maintain or get to work.


For every rant here in these forums, 10 people silently nod their head in the background. These people would jump ship to another platform if it was presented to them and they actually did somethign about it. For now, most are here for convenience and built up profiles. That's not going to last! people WILL slowly migrate and that process with increase expoentially once it's gains some momentum!


Stop trying to control every little detail. It's proven a failure, over and over, for years now.


Very soon, some random people will come out with a very clean system, without all the strings attached and clients will take notice. It's all about marketing. And as they say... word-of-mouth marketing is by far the most powerful! It won't take long before Upwork loses enough clients and freelancers to their poor systems and management. Soon enough Upwork's profit margin will decline and they will be forced to implement even more drastic measures to satisfy the investors. This is already evidenced by the recent attempts to increase the minimum dollar figure for job postings and restrictions/policies on freelancer's who wind up costing the company too much time in support.   ... something else I called a long time ago.


Sooo incredibly frustrating. It's even more frustrating knowing that at the end of the day... our ranting will just fall on deaf ears anyway.


The worst part is.. I WANT Upwork to work! We all do! It's a great platform that's on top of the game. I WANT to do business here. I WANT to support them in other ways outside of me grabbing the odd job or hiring freelancers myself. There is so much I have lined up that will directly benefit this company, but they just make it so **bleep** hard to use this place for anything important.




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Tony H Member Since: Nov 10, 2011
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I'm ranting right now big time, because I'm finally very close to a point in my freelance career where my rate will effectivey reach $500/hr.


I WANT to use this platform when that transition hits, but these sytems won't allow it to hapen!

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Daniel C Member Since: Nov 21, 2010
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Install the app on your phone.  The app notifications are a bit more reliable than the website IMO.

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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Been really busy and lucky that this hasn't affected me much, but it's really getting out of hand. I think I lost someone about a month ago when they asked when I could start. I replied quickly that I could start within a day, and never heard from the guy. He never hired anyone either. I realize that maybe he changed his mind suddenly, but I think there is a higher chance that he was ready to hire.


No one got money that day.


They gotta get these bugs under control. I think it will happen eventually, but it sucks being the guinea pig.

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Jean S Member Since: Oct 22, 2007
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I had the same problem but from the client side yesterday. I posted a job and then went to do other things waiting for the email notifications. 


They never came. Usually I'm flooded with applicants but yesterday not one notification.


Logged on later and found there had been applicants and I wasn't notified.


Very sad.