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How the new Connects regulation is affecting the freelancers & dramatically decreasing their income.

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Scott E Member Since: Jul 26, 2015
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"I see that unfair as such clients waste our connects and only freelancers are affected."


What makes you think the clients aren't affected? Sure, in most cases they may not have been that serious, had not thought it through properly, over-estimated how much money they had, it was a spur of the moment thing, something else caught their attention in the meantime, or any number of other reasons.... BUT, in some cases, the client will have posted a genuine job as they genuinely required somebody to complete their project. They just couldn't find the right guy or gal for the job. In those cases, the client has been negatively affected, as they weren't able to find a suitable contractor. 


That could be because they didn't have a realistic budget and all the proposals were based on realistic amounts... or it could mean that they didn't get any proposals from qualified freelancers, or it could mean they did get proposals from qualified contractors, but the qualified contractors did a poor job of convincing them that they were qualified contractors. 


Don't get me wrong, there are a lot flaky tire-kicker and/or tyre-kicker clients around... but some of them do want to hire people, they just don't feel confident doing so. So in certain cases, the clients aren't always to blame. 

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Amanda F Member Since: Aug 8, 2015
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I agree that connects should be returned if the client selects nobody, but they shouldn't be penalized for it. Maybe if they do it all the time though, like over 20 jobs unawarded. Even if they don't pick someone because they can't find someone, I cant' see a problem with returning the connects for that reason. That would be considered a job cancellation, and jobs should be officially cancelled if the client decides not to select someone. I feel that it's true that there are a large number of clients whom waste time and connects. I've had dozens of interviews that seemed to be going well, and they never have selected anyone. There are clients who post jobs, and then find someone elsewhere or just never bother in the end with Upworks. I also feel connects should be returned for job posts where they ask for free work. Those post should be immediately taken down as it is against the policies and reposted rather than just fixed from the original post, because by that time, people already have possibly provided free work. If they repost it, at least I have the option then not to bid on it. I've had clients with decent job descriptions without indication they wanted free work, and then once they contact me, they ask for free mockups. Basically that is wasted connects and it seems to happen a lot in my catagory. 

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Rami A Member Since: Dec 23, 2015
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Upwork limited the connects for freelancers because clients are receiving lot of applications and many of applicants apply without reading the description.

However does Upwork considered that the majority of clients on their site post jobs yet never hire anyone?

which result in freelancers using their limited connects.

So if Upwork trying to decrease the freelancers who apply for a job, she must also decrease the fake clients.

And if the site return the connects if a client cancel the job which that very rare to happen, they must also return the connects when a client never hire anyone on his job.

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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It takes some time I think to figure out good job posts from bad ones, but once you do I think your ratio will be better.


Right now it's a terrible time to expect any responses. People don't work much between xmas and new years. Even after new years people are kinda lethargic. It slowly starts to pick up though.


Personally, I don't pay any attention to bids I send but I've noticed that people either contact you right away or it sometimes times 1-2 weeks to hear back.

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Ahmed S Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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There is no doubt that you are true but if you are one of these clients, why don't you cancel the job post so the candidates get their connects back! Why leave the job post open till it expires and the connects wasted? Did you get my point?
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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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Well, right now people are on vacation, but if you put yourself in the client shoes, think about the scenario where you come back, look at the first 10 bids, they all suck because they are spammers and robo bidders, and then you leave and don't bother coming back because you think the place is a joke. Prolly one reason they implemented connects.


It's not worth the time to come back and cancel if you don't like anyone's bid.

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Matt K Member Since: Jan 11, 2016
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What I have realized is that often the job will still be "open" and accepting proposals even though a freelancer has been hired.  


The company answer is "sometimes clients want to hire multiple people" but that is indicated.  Why does the system not close down jobs when a contract is confirmed?  I can see they designed it to keep that open and to drain Connects from people who don't look closely enough.  Especially now that you can only buy one new batch per month and then after that they are $1 EACH.  In other words, since most jobs are 2 connects, it then costs $2 to apply to a job.... 



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Ryan A Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Well my friend... the situation is really true... I am also in video production when this was implemented I was really despressed knowing for years this is how it works and income and winning will lessen chances. I have been using elance also but not as successful as here.


However it was reverse this year I earn 40k the biggest from 33 k last year!!!


For me the solution was to accept the system.. If I need to purchase connect then I puchase.

Freelancing also here is base on luck and just half of it skills. I just apply to best suitable job and enought budget.

Luckily I have already a constant client also..


I find almost same videos are there and quality ..some are really good thought. Much better you revise your porfolio as what I have seen now like doing Powtoon videos or standard character which can be download... more 3D  explainer it charges more since you mention you are capable of it.. You can compare other videos from other bidders


What really bothers me in video production is that some freelancers use purchase or downloaded templates  show it as portfolio... I admit I used template also but I do not show all the project I made are from templates.. The sad part on their profile tell it advertise themselves AWARD Winners here or there... Now sad part they charge alot $25 to $ $100 hr and still get the project. I review other competitors which are better on there portfolio and has great feedback use less template and more on custom videos but does not get the job.


Now the sad part I see them in forum here complaint too much that there income is lesser or not good... of course they compare the income previously. Hopefully this people realize what they are worth if they put their own work and we or other professionals will appreciate and ALLOW Comment on there porfolios so they are true since they are afraid of comments now. Other professional in video production know in training and education to USE your own Work! not template modication which more common here on upwork..


On my part... I may be lucky this year and applying  less or selecting job base on remaining connects may have a good impact on my part.