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How to Efficiently Track Hours as a Virtual Assistant on Upwork

Hey Upwork Community,

I just started as a virtual assistant, and I've got a bit of a time-tracking issue. My gig mostly involves data entry, and I'm paid hourly. My client works in a different time zone but I have flexibility with my work hours, as long as I give them a heads-up when I'm not available during their work hours.

Now, here's where I'm scratching my head: when I'm just hanging out waiting for a task, should I be tracking those hours? To stay on top of things, I usually block that time, so I'm ready as a task comes in. This helps me tackle any issues that come up with the task quickly. But here's the kicker - I only start the time tracker when I'm actively doing a task, and I stop it as soon as the job is done to avoid looking like I'm charging for doing nothing.

However, the hours I've blocked seem to eat into my available work time. So, what's the right approach? Should I track the hours I'm blocking off, or should I only be tracking the time when I'm actively working on a task?

Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

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