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How to Get a Job and Work in Odesk Again

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Foysal U Member Since: Mar 6, 2011
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Hi Guys, Good day! Now I come here to share my problem with you. Three years ago, I started word in odesk with SEO. Then I decided to learn Web Design and WordPress. For this reason, I left odesk for couple of months. I came back odesk after learning Web Design and did a job with five feedback. Then again I left odesk for learning WordPress. Finally last month I came back and started bid for getting job in Web Design and WordPress. But I didn’t get any job yet let alone any single interview. This is my profile: Please take a look in my profile and give me advice that whiter there has any lack of my profile or not? How to get a job and work in odesk again? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, Foysal
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Benedict N Member Since: Dec 12, 2009
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If your applying for jobs in wordpress, why is there nothing on your profile about wordpress? You have one "below average" test in wordpress, I would never hire someone with a score this low - keeping working on your knowledge and resit the test. Get rid of all the skills/information on your profile that aren't up to date. I know SEO, you're talking about article submissions, blog commenting etc. These are all bad-practice techniques that went out of fashion several years ago. If you're not up to date with something, don't say you know it or learn what the current techniques are.