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How to Handle Bait and Switch Client - Need Help (RESOLVED)

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William B Member Since: Jan 17, 2012
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*Problem resolved. Sorry, don't know how to delete.* Hello everyone, I write resumes for a living and took on a "small" job today. "My current resume is in bullet form. I would like to transform my current descriptions to paragraph form. Under 1000 characters, some will be 1-2 sentences again. Need to work ONLY on description of experiences nothing else on resume." And my response included: "That is for 1000 characters, not words, correct?" He send me an Approval notice. I approved. He then sends me a resume with more than 10,000 characters and wants most of it rewritten, subtly changing the language of the job posting to sound as if he meant each "section" would be up to 1,000 characters. He is also asking me to make things up. Not only is that completely unethical and something I refuse to do for anyone, I've also been conned into a large job that pays a pittance and is the first contract I've worked on on ODesk in a year. What are my options here? Can I back out due to ethical concerns over him asking me to fabricate content and not worry about negative feedback? What about the deceptive job posting? I want to back out of this right now but I don't want the hit on my stars. Advice?