How to avoid the intermediary bank charges.



I am located in Sri Lanka and would like to know the best way to receive my earnings with minimum deductions.

Currently I am using Skrill, where I did not come across any additional charges till my last two withdrawals and when I contacted the bank, they informed me that there had been a charge from an intermediary bank. (They charged $35 for a $233 transaction)


Can I know a better way to do my withdrawals with lesser charges (which probably is able to do a direct deposit to Sri Lanka without an intermediary bank)? 


Thank you!


Hi Ajini,


I am not sure about Upwork's terms in Shrilanka. I use direct back account tranfer from Upwork. Try that. Really cool way. it comes in account in 4th day of redeem. 


Hope that is answer. 

Skrill is the best option we have. Bank wire transfer which is the other option cost $30+/transaction


I think you need to switch the bank linked to your Skrill account. $35 for a $233 transaction is a ripoff!


I am using a Com bank account & it has zero charges for skrill withdrawals.