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How to become "visible" to clients again

I had one Enterprise client for over 4 years, before that I worked on small projects.

Made a break from freelancing for 1 year and now I have a problem finding clients again. Based on my stats they don't even notice me. I'm looking for small gigs at the moment as I'm employed.

I was Top Rated once but due to inactivity and the fact that my long-term client has left not-that-positive feedback for the last contract (although contracts before that one were closed with 5*) now my Success score is only 75%.


Any advice on how to "break the ice" again?

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I don't find the stats (how often viewed, interviewed, hired compared to my category) useful. In any case, you have to start over. Be prepared to spend time searching for good opportunities, i.e., projects that are a very good fit with your skills and capabilities, which you are confident you can deliver at 110%. And be very picky about clients because a flaky or difficult one can be very costly when you're just starting out (or rebuilding). When in doubt, take a pass. And in general, going forward, don't let all your eggs be in one basket. Good luck!


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You have so few contracts that the bad JSS should disappear at some point. If I were you, I'd wait for that before you apply to jobs. 

You didn't do yourself a favour by the bad feedback you left the last client. Any potential client will ask themselves, if you were so unhappy with the rate, why did you work for him for hundreds of hours? Nobody forced you to. You could have looked for other work. This does not create a good impression. 

I understand your point but I was just honest regarding the feedback I left the last client. Maybe I should have been more tactful, just wanted potential contractors to know what to expect.


p.s. I had to remind myself of what kind of feedback I left for that last contract. It wasn't that bad, client still got 5*.

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