How to change amount of contract


client and I have agreed to reduce the amount on the contract. How can we go about doing that?

I'm sure the information is on the website somewhere, but I just couldn't find it.


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Hi Susanne,

Please see this Help Article, you can find explanation for hourly and fixed price contracts.

~ Goran

I don't find the answer for my issue. How can we reduce the full "Agreed" contract amount when me and my client are agreed on reducing the payment?

We agreed on 2155 USD at the begining, but we found out that we miscalculated something, so he paid the correct amount (2046 USD), but there is still remaining 109 USD due to the original agreement, which I don't want him to pay:

Képernyőfotó 2018-02-07 - 10.01.42.png

So who can reduce the "Agreed" amount and how?


Hi Mate,

You wont be able to reduce the agreed amount but you can both close the contract if the project is finished.
In this case when a contract is closed you will receive a refund request, as you have already stated below (you don`t want the remaining funds), you will need only to approve the refunds request and the contract will be ended.

~ Goran

My contractor has sent me a milestone request for 50 USD, but then we agreed on only 25 USD. So he has to send me me a milestone request for 25 USD, I pay that and then I cancel the contract and request a refund for the remaining 25 USD in eschrow?

Hi Jan,


You can definitely release a partial amount of the milestone payment.  Check out the "Release less than the full amount" portion of this help article to learn more. As you mentioned, If you and your freelancer or agency are also ending the contract, you’ll need to request an escrow refund for the remainder. 

~ Luiggi

Are you already hired for the job and is the amount funded, or is this just a proposal right now?


If it's just a proposal, go to the proposal in find work - proposals, click the proposal and click propose different terms button on the right side. Enter the new amount, terms if any and click done. 


Hi, this is an old question but others may find the answer useful.


This is for fixed-rate contracts.

If you have a fixed-rate contract with a client but then need to charge a lower amount, here is what you need to do.

Go to the 'Milestones & Earnings' tab and submit a payment request. On the pop-up that comes next, you can edit the payment amount.

Hope this helps.


  1. Click the My Jobs tab
  2. Find the contract you want and click more options (...)
  3. Choose Terms and Settings
  4. Click the ✎ next to the current rate
  5. Enter your new rate. Remember the client only sees rates including the Upwork Service fee

Housain A wrote:
  1. Click the My Jobs tab
  2. .....

Why are you responding to a years-old (!!) and long answered question about reducing a fixed rate (!!) contract price with info about how to reduce the hourly rate of an hourly (!!) contract. Which you didn't even write yourself but copy-pasted?


Why is someone called Housain using Paulo Dybala's profile photo?


Confusing and frustrating. I originally posted a job proposal at $50, but want/need to update it to $1000. Upwork is confusing. So apparently, according to the official documentation help article, I need you to accept the job at the current rate of $50, then immediately after, I will change the payment to $100. I find this frustrating because it should be the opposite, I change the fee to $100 and you accept after. There appears to be no other way. What?! @Goran V



Figured it out. This workflow for this use case was either created by engineers or by bad designers, but not good designers. Not intuitive. So I had to create and submit an offer, then rescend the offer, then modify the old one to update to higher amount. Now I kinda get it, but that's 30 min I wasted.