How to check whether invited freelancer has seen my invitation to my job offer?

I have invited a few freelancers for my job. After a few days, I still havent receive any response from them? Are they still active on upwork? How do I check their last seen status. so that I can move on without waiting for so long.


You can see their work history on their profiles, check for recent jobs.


To maximise the chance of a response, make sure you 


  • include a proper, detailed job description,
  • have a verified payment Methode
  • have a reasonable budget

Freelancers that have not set their profile as not available are expected to reply within 24 hours to invites. They may accept the interview or decline the invite, both counts as a reply.


When they fail to reply within 24 hours, it counts against their response time that is displayed on their profile. This encourages them to reply.


Check on the freelancer's account to see if they are marked as available and what their response time is. If they are marked as available and don't answer after few days, it means that they are probably not active on the platform.

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