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How to check who was hired (name and location) on the specific job I also applied for?

Previously, I could still see who are my competitors on the job I have applied for. I can check their locations, names, hourly charges, education degrees, and many more. But now, I can't view it. Can you please advise? 

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I don't recall it ever being the case that you could see all that information. 

More to the point, if the person the client hired isn't you, it really isn't any of your business who they went with. 

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Hi Sheila,

When I am not hired for a job I expected to be hired for, I check the hired freelancer's profile to see their rating, experience, hourly rate, etc. It can sometimes help me understand why I lost the job. I can no longer view this information, so I have the same question.

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Hi Wendy,

Can you please tell me how you view this information?

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