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How to confirm a request/user is legitimate.

Hi. I am super new to this. I submitted for a job and I am waiting for an answer.

While waiting, someone sent me a job request directly. (To do Facebook campaigns).

Seems ok, the site and FB page look legit, it just seemed odd/too good to be true.

It showed that the sender was only an active member since yesterday.

Can requests be sent directly to those looking for work?

Is there a way to verify if this isn't a scam?


Super, thanks veery much.

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Read the numerous posts in this forum about scam Facebook jobs, etc.


1. they give you an offer out of the blue.

2. they ask you to download documents.

3. these contain a virus.


report job as scam and move on.

Super, thanks veery much.

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Please read this post from Wes. It will teach you what you need to know about how to be safe and how to recognize scams.

Every freelancer has to learn about vetting clients and jobs. Most of the stuff on Facebook is a scam or low paying jobs. You must assume every client, here or otherwise, is a scammer until proven legitimate.

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Great, thank you for the reply and added documentation.

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