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How to correct a "too high" refund

I had suggested to a client and he had agreed to cap my job at 3 hours.

I thought I could refund him if the recorded time exceeded the agreed.


When he saw 5:10 hh:mm recorded, he panicked and started a dispute. 

So I felt forced to refund my last weeks work, remaining with payment just for 2:10 rather than 3:00.

1. How do collect the payment for the missing 0:50?
2. How do I avoid a negative impact on my score, since there's no dispute with the client but only a lack of flexibility of Upwork's refund mechanism.

Thank you!


You could ask the client to cover the remaining balance via a bonus. Note that fees are subtracted from bonuses as well.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Justus,


Sorry about the misunderstanding. It looks like the contract has already been closed so in order to pay you any extra amounts, the client will need to issue a bonus payment to you. They should be able to do it on a closed contract as well. Please, communicate with them about that payment.


Since the contract has already been closed and feedback provided, there won't be any additional factors that would influence your JSS.

~ Valeria