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How to create GST bill for the payments received via Upwork

- How to file a GST for the income received from Upwork? Should I create GST bills for the "Upwork Inc." or the client?

- I'm providing services to a client outside India and receiving the money in USD. But Upwork transfers are in INR and they don't mention anything about conversion from USD to INR. So do I have to pay the GST?


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Create the bill in the name of client and bill should of the gross amount before deduction of upwork commission.

Kindly obtain FIRC for the amount received from bank or make a request to upwork for FIRC.

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So I just have to pay the GST on the amount paid to Upwork as a service fee, right?

Yes you have to pay GST on service fee deducted by upwork and claim ITC of the same.

In case you are not satisified you can directly connect with me through upwork "your network" option in Find work tab.

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Check this discussion   in India group to get more details on GST filing. 

Thanks. Will check the discussion.

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