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How to deal with bad feedback from new clients


I recently did a few jobs from several clients who were new to Upwork, I actually had to guide them through the process of how to use the platform.
All of those jobs went well, I met the requirements and deadlines. But unfortunately, after I asked them to close the contract and leave a feedback I ended up with nice reviews and poor rating.

I’m sure they thought 4 stars was a good grade and giving an 8 on private feedback was good enough, but the percentage of clients who would recommend me just dropped from 100% to 97% and I’m afraid my JSS will drop down on the next update.

Do you have any tips on how to deal with that situation? I already had one feedback removed so I can’t do that anymore. Should I answer the feedback or ask to clients to change it?
I guess I’m not going to send any more proposals to new clients!
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