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How to deal with 'no show' freelancer that I hired

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I hired a freelancer and we agreed on price and deadline before I sent the offer and the freelancer accepted it .

When it's deadline, I asked for the work, and the freelancer never replied me ever again .

Nor did I receive any work .

Because of that , I missed the deadline my client set me and I almost didn't get paid for it .

And I ended up doing the work myself in a very short time .


Now,  what can I do with this irresponsible freelancer ? I didn't end our contract and of course I didn't pay . But I want others and Upwork know how irresponsible such person is and avoid doing partnership with such person . How can I do ? By leaving a bad review , that freelancer can simply hide it. Please advise .Thanks

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If you have a deadline or time constraint, then you must ALWAYS do one of the following:


- work ONLY with freelancers with whom you have extensive experience, and know that they deliver on time


- hire enough redundant freelancers so that you will be sure to receive the work on time.


For every job niche and price level combination there is a certain percentage likelihood that a freelancer will NOT deliver the work (either not on time, or not at all). So you need to factor that into your hiring.


It's as simple as that.


That great thing about hiring using hourly contracts is that you can specify a deadline for the project, hire multiple freelancers, and then close all the contracts when the deadline is up. That way you only pay freelancers who worked, and those who don't work cost you nothing.


Alternatively, you can tell the freelancers that a certain amount of work is needed, and that when you have the work needed, the project is over. Then you can even close the contracts BEFORE the time-based deadline is met. Because you have a deliverable deadline that has been met.


For example, when I needed a few dozen login avatar images created, I hired about 8 freelancers to do the work. When I had enough images, the contracts were all closed. Some freelancers spent a few hours on the project. Some spent only an hour. Some spent no time on the project. Everybody was paid according to the work that they did.

Bottom line, if you have a deadline, you don't hire only one unknown freelancer.

Community Guru

Unfortunately I don't think you have any recourse here. Since nothing was paid I don't believe a review can be left. You can close the contract giving a negative reason. I am not sure if you can leave private feedback for a no-work contract, but if you can, you should leave negative scores there as well. Publicly though there is no mechanism for someone to see your comments on a contact with no payment. 


Obviously one hopes that something bad didn't happen to the freelancer preventing them from responding to you. I don't know if this is a person with a long positive history or someone with no profile. Regardless, it's not for you to ponder and therefore you can only assume this person was grossly negligent and unprofessional.


Besides what Preston indicated, if you have a deadline, make sure at least that the person you hired has a strong work history. Consistent communications about how things are going is also important leading up to any deadline. 

Scott, couldn’t the client send the freelancer a token bonus payment then close the contract and leave feedback? I don’t know if there’s a minimum amount but I know $0.50 will work because I have a client who prefers paying to the minute as recorded with Toggl so if the weekly minutes don’t divide by 10, I get a bonus payment for the remainder.
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@John K wrote:
Scott, couldn’t the client send the freelancer a token bonus payment then close the contract and leave feedback? I don’t know if there’s a minimum amount but I know $0.50 will work

 For feedback to be visible, at least $ 1.00 has to be paid and of course the freelancer can then just get rid of it by refunding.