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How to deal with scope creep after accepting a contract?

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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John B wrote:


This feedback trend of yours.  This is worrisome potentially. 

Not as worrisome as an average private feedback percentage of just 82% and over 15% of contracts that never led to any earnings (cancelled or refunded) to hide visible bad feedback...

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Tiffany S Member Since: Jan 15, 2016
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John B wrote:

My belief is, it is hard to drown a guy with a 100% JSS, at a rate of $62 to $75, successful on the platform for 7 years now. And with a perfect 5-0 profile, having hired more than a dozen fellow Upworkers. That's exactly the profile Upwork values the most.  Not bloggers.  The business people at Upwork.


It's nothing short of astonishing that you have all that experience and presume to coach newcomers, and yet are so stunningly unaware (by your own declaration) of the consistent issues faced by newcomers here, such as clients not paying for manual time, clients tricking them into starting work without a contract and then not making payment, clients never closing contracts, the JSS hit associated with no-pay contracts..and so on, and so on, and so on.


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John B Member Since: Aug 20, 2015
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Interesting observation. I am actually acutely aware of the difficulties
newcomers have in establishing their practices on Upwork.

Which is why I adopted Kateryna, Upwork Design newcomer, Ukraine. 2017.
Provided her with her 1st three projects, first four 5-star ratings, and
trained her intensely to gain confidence, work with U.S. business people,
and manage her practice. She now runs a highly successful agency.

Which is shy I adopted John. Upwork SEO consultant, newcomer. Lagos. 2018.
I found him on this forum, just after the JSS had come up. Quite upset he
had a 67% JSS. I saw brilliance, provided him with three jobs, taught him
how to close projects down correctly, how to manage the client correctly.
He now operates at 100% JSS and as a dominant force in his category.

Which is why I adopted Herin, Upwork site-build newcomer. Surat India.
2019. I provided him with six projects, intensely trained him in U.S.
business practices, and he now has an entire company of employees working
strongly on Upwork.

Which is why I will now complete, to the best of my ability, a full
knowledge and skill transfer out to the person who started this thread. We
connected today by private email, beginning next week he will have at least
5 hours of my time a week for as many weeks as it takes, so as to establish
an Upwork practice equivalent to his massive potential.

Perhaps the note you read above - missed the starting point. The young
contractor decided to point out, "You got drowned, bruh" in some measure of
his observation of my threads. I simply pointed out he has just about
drowned himself with achievement of nine no-ratings, two sub-4.5s and his
99% JSS has about six more months to live unless he figures out how to end
projects successfully. Perhaps it was a heavy hand in response. Perhaps
he will thin twice before he shoots off "bruh" threads. I will not need to
know, however.

I have achieved what I came here to do. For the fourth year running, find
a brilliant newcomer and within a month, transfer all the skill and
knowledge I have. I am very fortunate to have found such a superstar, and
only hope now, I can help all that is possible.

The mission is complete. Check in with 'yall next year.