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How to edit Contract Terms?

Hi, I want to change contact terms of a proposal from hourly basis to fixed project. How can I do that? I am unable to do it via the 'change terms' option. It only allows me to change the hourly rate.

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Once the freelancer has accepted the contract, the contract terms cannot be changed from hourly to fixed rate. The client will have to cancel the contract and start a new one.

Hi Lesli, Can client change the fixed rate of contract (I am not asking to add milststones) once freelancer has accpted the offer? 

Hi Kokandeep,


Thank you for reaching out. If you are referring to the contract budget, it cannot be changed. However, keep in mind that the contract budget may be different from what your client has funded for the contract. The contract budget is for clients to set a standard amount they're willing to pay for the whole project to be completed, and the actual amount they spend altogether might be different.


For example, the contract budget is $1500, but to start the project they funded the contract $500 for the first two milestones, then only $500 is stored in Escrow. Once they've used up all $500, it is best to remember to not work unless the contract is funded and new milestones are created again.

~ AJ
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You can't change it on the proposal. In your proposal or the interview you can give them a fixed price quote and ask them to change the offer to fixed price when they send it to you.

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