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How to end a paused contract

Hello I want to end a paused contract, as I'm afraid it might hurt my JSS.

It was put on hold by Upwork and the contract is showing "Suspended"

I got no way of ending the contract myself and client is not responding.

It has been like this for a month now.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Abhishek,


I'm sorry to hear your contract was suspended. We recommend you to ask the client to close the contract. If the client doesn't reply to your requests to close the contract, then you may close it yourself.  If the client still provides feedback during 14-days period, that in itself will not affect Job Success Score negatively. However, a pattern of contracts with no feedback can affect the Job Success Score negatively. So you may want to build your communication and relationships with clients in a way that you don't need to close the contracts yourself.

~ Bojan
Community Member

Contracts from suspended clients are excluded from the JSS calculation so it doesn't matter what you do about it.


And you can end it yourself even when it's suspended.

Go to the contract and end it


end contract.jpg


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