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How to find customers with constant orders?

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Vitalij R Member Since: Nov 11, 2014
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After more then 1 years working on Odesk I am not found any clients for continious jobs?

Can I ask anyone Odesk Guru or community about it?


I will be very grateful to any good advice.Smiley Happy
Sincerely, Vitalij - Top Rated brochure designer.
Community Guru
Abdul R Member Since: Dec 4, 2014
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Hello Mate, 


I only consider those job applications in which I can see long term contracts. I also see how the client behaviour with previous freelancers. That's why I have long term contracts. 


I hope that you can follow my advise to get long term contraxts. 


Thank you, 

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Santiago G Member Since: Mar 10, 2015
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@ Vitalij


Abdul has it  right but that's just the start.


You also have to consider the job itself and then how well you get along with your client(s).


According to your really nice profile, you get along very well with clients. So that part won't bother you or your work. All things considered, your profile should draw more clients like a magnet to you. Just a suggestion but you can always try branching out to other graphics work if you wanted to.


In considering the job itself, in your case as a designer, how many things does a particular client need designed? Looks like one or very few is what you've encountered so far for each client. Hence the smaller orders. Despite how well you did for any given client, they already have what they want. So the primary becomes "game over".... need another client.


I'd suggest looking for advertisers that need many things designed. Another option is to look for game developers that need characters and others things designed.

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Tony H Member Since: Nov 10, 2011
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Look for the big fish. That is clients who have spent at least $50k. If they have multiple projects/companies... even better. After you find them, it's all about the strength of your relationship.


Design work is more often than not short term work on oDesk anyways. Try to find yourself a position with an established company who's been around for 10 years or so.