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How to find mid to high end customers

Hi everyone! I'd like to have a few tips on how to find the most suitable customers for my experience. Let me explain better, I am a senior graphic designer with several years of activity as an art director and I would like to work with large or medium companies with complex jobs, I am not interested in small clients or small jobs. I hope I don't look presumptuous, but I believe for a junior designer increase theirs experience with small clients is optimal. But i'm sure these customers will post their jobs by invitation only 😞

Any suggestion?

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Well, freelancers who are getting rating from either small, mid or large projects, that cound normally like a experience. We cant do any thing in this regard. 


If i am thinking from the clients view then i would go for quality skills, analyse it and also if freelancer match with my need or not.



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I'm also a senior-level graphic designer, and I'm in the same boat as you. 


Here's a few tips that I've adopted:

- I skip over any posts that say "I" or "my brand" ...not interested in working for solopreneurs. Instead I look for those that say "we"...this means to me it was posted by someone who is part of a team. 

- I look for posts that share their website. Then I check their website out, and also check them out on Linkedin to see how many employees they have

- I only look for clients with a good hire rate, and are well-established on Upwork 

- I don't do logos for start-ups. I used to, but not anymore.


These are just a few tips for finding the right client. For me, they also need to be in the right industry. My niche is health & wellness, manufacturing, HR/consulting, finance, science, technology, corporate, B2B or enterprise. 

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