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How to get hired?


I've been applying upwork jobs since last July. Still I couldn't get a job. Could someone help me to solve my problem?


Hi Koushalya,

It is very hard for most freelancers to get their first job on Upwork, but don't worry, polishing your Upwork profile will increase the chances of getting contracted.

1. In order to improve the possibilities of getting hired, please make sure your Upwork profile is set up completely by including the correct job titles, add best previous works, previous experiences, and non-Upwork clients testimony (if you have), etc,. 

2. apply only for the jobs that are best suitable for your skills.

3. add projects to attract clients to you easily.


Please go through these articles to improve your Profile:

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2: 3 Ways Designers And Creatives Can Use Portfolios to Boost Their Success

3: Ways to show your professionalism

4: Make Your Freelancer Profile More Visible & Appealing


I hope this helps. 

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