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How to get noticed by Upwork talent scouts?

I have recently started on Upwork, and I have worked at many prestigious companies such as Quillbot, OpenAI, OpenCraft and more. But despite a 100% JSS and great skills & reviews, I never get any invites from Upwork talent scouts. How do I get noticed by them?

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Hi Aayush!

You have to apply to the Talent Scout program, here's the link: https://www.upwork.com/staffing/talent

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I tried that and got "not approved" because "Your skills aren't a good match for our requirements"

But I'm a software developer with Python and Javascript experience. It is in very high demand, how can it not be

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I didn't get noticed by the Talent Scouts until hitting around $200k in revenues on Upwork. It depends your revenues, JSS, client needs, are you a top Expert in your category, and many other factors I am not familar with. Have a great day!

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