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How to get rid of "Upwork App: Only visible to you" Notification in Messages

I am a bit frustrated by a notification that pops up in every client conversation in messages. It says: 


"Only visible to you...

Please sent a Github link with a relevant project. Make sure the README is up to date..."

It goes ahead to explain that Sharing past work with client may increases chances of landing the job. 


Does anyone know any work-around to get rid of this or to prevent it from popping up?

While I understand the motive behind it may have been good, it is so annoying and I feel it would be fair to provide a clear provision to opt-out of the notification, especially since I don't have projects posted on Github, neither have my prospective clients asked for anything of the sort. 


It appears in all the chats where I don't have contracts yet, or when new clients reach out and send direct invitations to jobs. 


Anyone, please help!

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+1 to this. I wonder how the product management organization operates and where they source their ideas. They are definitely not asking freelancers/clients

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