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How to handle a client that doesn't have time for the job

Hi Freelancers, I've been on oDesk for 3 years now and have seen most kind of clients, but now I'm stuck with a strange one and don't really know what to do. Here is the situation, the client posted a small job, it was supposed to get done in a day, I applied and got it, did my work and submitted to the client to get his feedback and modify anything if it is not what he had in mind or not top notch quality. It has been 4 weeks now, I constantly try reaching out to him on skype, email, oDesk, and he doesn't respond at all. then after two days he sends me: "where are we", or " any updates ?" ... I'm trying to be as cooperative as possible. but I don't think I should be as patient as I am. Have you been in such situation ? what would you do if that is the case with your client ? Thanks, Salah
Haha... Wow, that really is ridiculous. I have had similar things, but nothing nearly that far out. I have had clients start a contract and then vanish without ever following up with me what they wanted. They just kind of evaporated into thin air.
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It sounds like he has a lot of different jobs going on and is confused about who is doing what. Maybe he needs to hire someone to help him stay organized.
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This is exactly why assumptions aren't good. He might have never received any of your messages. Have you thought about it? It could be a glitch on his end, with Odesk messaging system, or some other type of technological problem. It is just too odd otherwise. I think it is a shame that you assume your client has no time when he or she has actually paid you for a service, right? If you've been paid why are you so upset with how long it is taking? I've had many clients like this. People are busy, they have lives outside of Odesk and anything could have happened. To say you are being too patient is just plain rude. After all, did you get paid or not? The client hasn't hurt you. At least this is how I see it, someone on the outside looking in.
The client is also not responding to Skype or email. I am confused, though, whether the client has been non-responsive for two days or four weeks.
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"I have completed this, sent it you on xxx date and am waiting for you to tell me the next step." I guess I would just keep telling him that. Meanwhile, work on other stuff. I have a lot of clients who suddenly get overwhelmed with work or whatever. Heck, I get overwhelmed with work. Just stay patient and keep telling him you are waiting for him. Eventually it will sink in.
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Before I went full-time with my present client, we made an agreement that in case such situation arises, I'll just manually add time in my work diary. That arrangement has been in force for the last two years. It's a win-win solution for both me and my client.