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How to help your prospective client to employ you

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Cindy D Member Since: Jul 12, 2012
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Hi, I have a client who is either stringing me along, or is really new to hiring freelancers through Odesk. She doesn't know how to pick me for the job. Now I don't know how to do this either as I have no idea what the employer side looks like. She tried and only managed to "short list" me. Now I've done 4 hours of work already, sending very low res jpgs while I wait for her to employ me, but alas. Where can I find the step by step instructions for her to follow to do this? If she doesn't employ me I cannot give her the finished high res artwork. Thanx guys
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Junelle A Member Since: May 31, 2009
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that's quite a risk you're taking, doing unpaid work and spending time guiding a client when you're not even sure you'll be hired. it's strange; you have work history and you've been around since 2013, so you should know by now that you should be hired first before you do work, and not the other way around.
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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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if she can't work out how to hire you, chances are she won't work out how to pay you...
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John B Member Since: Feb 20, 2009
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Send the client the link to the oDesk help page that shows them how to hire someone, its ** simple! *"Removed by admin"
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Margaret P Member Since: Jul 7, 2007
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Tell her to click the large HIRE button that appears on the screen.
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Bojana D Member Since: May 2, 2011
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it was so much easier when the Client Help Section was available for contractors as well, dear oDesk... Then we dealt with these by just linking the relevant help page...
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Misty K Member Since: Feb 5, 2012
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On the clients side, when interviewing contractors for jobs they automatically get placed separate from the others of which you don't want to contact. This would be a "short list" so to speak, I suppose. Anyway, once a client chooses specific contractors to interview it is very easy how to hire. If they like a specific contractor there is a visible "HIRE" button on the right hand side. All she has to do is click it to start your contract. I wouldn't send ANY MORE work at all to this person. It is fishy indeed. Explain to her to hire you and then you can send her the better quality images. Until then, don't do anything else. PLEASE! This is to keep you from getting scammed!
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Saroj A Member Since: Dec 8, 2012
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I think you have learnt your lesson. For the future, never begin work until your contract has been initiated formally. Been there, done that. Good Luck!!!