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How to improve this :- "Your profile was discovered 0 times last week. ( same last week)"



Please suggest, what do I do to make sure that I am viewed or my profile is discovered frequently ?



Sourav Roy

Community Guru

bid regularly


It gets better when you start landing jobs. 

Community Guru

There is really not one thing you can do as it seems it's on a rotation. (too many people screaming unfair although I think the top candidates should be shown first)   I have read though that invites seem to increase when someone changes their profile ever so slightly.  For example, I changed my rate two days ago and I have recieved over 25 invites past couple of days. Most didn't fit my skills but I showed up somewhere (Thank you Tam for looking into it)  I do have to say though two of them were relevant and turned into contracts and two more I'm the only one being interviewed and we're working on scheduling.


My advice, tailor your proposals. (use the first two lines to catch the client's attention, be creative). Only apply to projects you are confident you can do and strive forward. 

"Fairness is giving all people the treatment they earn and deserve. It doesn't mean treating everyone alike-Coach John Wooden"

I got an invite for a "song writer" to bring tech to art. I must be a singer and passionate about documentation Oi vey yeah no. Technical writing is a jerrrrrb mang. I get passionate when Blizz disconnects me while questing or when I'm about to eat delicious tacos or when the DVR flips on cuz Ima skip those commercials on a cool show. That's passion right there.

Community Guru

Bid often for jobs you feel you are qualified for. When I go through periods where my profile is discovered often, I get bombarded for job offers for random jobs that are nowhere near my field. So it's not it's not always all it's cracked up to be.

Community Guru

I was coming to say the same thing Maria said. It's a largely meaningless stat. It indicates that people have been looking at your profile. But, those people are not always the ones who are going to offer you great work. Searching for job postings that are suitable for your skills, writing solid proposals, that's how you start getting invitations that are applicable and more of the right people "discovering your profile". 






I have noticed that since the rising talent program my profile has not been viewed at all. The thing is; even though I write proper proposals to the jobs, or complete my profile or any other rising talent qualfications, it seems I do not get the badge. 


Another important thing is, I apply for the jobs that involve native Turkish qualifications. I am a Turkish writer and ı do not apply for jobs that involve very advanced English. Even the simlple translation job (such as translation of apps and websites) requires rising talent badge. I know I am able to do this (as I am a professional translator) but I noticed that the cleints have not even viewed my profile. 



Is there any way I can change this? Before semptember my profile viewed  a lot and ı had worked for some cleints. ı still have an ongoing job on upwork but I am available and can take more jobs for the ones who enter to turkish market both as a market specialist and translator. However, is it the rising talent or someting different that I am not viewed?


thanks  a lot for your reply

Don't worry about the badge; you're going to have a JSS soon.