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How to initiate a dispute on a cancelled proposal.

Community, I have an issue that I am trying to figure out how to resolve.


I answered a request for a proposal to help write a (very vague) cybersecurity report for a client who was under a tight deadline. They had published the milestone project at a fixed price of $100.


When I initially submitted the proposal at that amount, I was explicit in saying that it was not going to be the project price until I had additional scoping informaiton. After speaking to them on the phone for an hour, they needed a "procedural policy"; which I have already written and was able to provide them a "full draft un-editable" version. After receiving it, they requested if I can extract specific sections for them that correspond to specific regulatory controls.  Which I did, and returned it to them within a few hours (this time in word format that could be used by them).


After 2 days, they replied back that it was in fact what they were looking for and would incorporate it into their report.  Thus in turn I then had an understanding of what they needed, I wrote back to them with regards to the time effort it will take per section going forward.  3 hours per section.

Two days later they wrote back and said : 

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

.. They then cancelled the offer/proposal. They have not replied back to my request for being paid for work that was submitted.

In that light, I searched the upwork site on how to initate a dispute but there is no mechanism for cancelled offers/proposals.


I tried the generic support chat option, but that has not wieleded any feedback from Upwork.


Does anyone know how to initate the dispute in this scenario?


Thanks in advance,


Michael B. Morell, CISSP #431307

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You cannot. You ignored Upwork rules so worked for free. Never work without contract.

This client ablr to create contract and pay you but not must. You unable to force his.

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You should not try to contact Upwork Support about this.

You should not try to initiate a dispute.

You should not try to collect money for any work done on this project.


Focus on understanding what you did wrong, so that you will never make these same mistakes again in the future.


You are welcome to ask as many questions as you want here in this thread.

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Take this as a learning experience to be more careful about giving "clients" all the imaterials and information they need (or at least a substantial amount of information) for free.

You're obviously a professional, would you walk into another professional's office, plop yourself down, and expect them to do a whole bunch of work for free for you?  I hope not.  Yet that's exactly what you did for some stranger online, without a contract, verified payment, or amount in escrow.

You spent an hour on the phone, and then a further amount of time preparing materials for these people - without pay. 

Your time is valuable.  Respect it.

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