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How to know if my application was hidden



I'm new to odesk. I have applied to several jobs that I know I'm well qualified for but have not received any feedack. I read about job applications being hidden. Is there any way for me to find out if my application was hidden? 


After you apply to a job wait for 5/10 minutes and see if your name is in the applicant list. If its not there then your application was hidden.

Contact the support team.

With respect I don't believe that's true. The common consensus since the obnoxious and immoral act of hiding applications was introduced is that there is no way that a freelancer can tell whether their applications are being hidden, apart from directly asking a client to look for them. Valeria and Garnor have admitted as much recently, in saying that there are no plans to inform freelancers that their applications have been hidden.

I think the confusion here stems from the scenario where an acount is put on review or suspended - in that case, applications don't even get delivered as far as the robot tht ecides whether or not to bin them (the uber-robot bins them first).


I'm open to correction and clerification on this, but it's my understanding of it.

Not true, I see hidden candidates on the list.


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The way I understood it on Elance (so it may be the same here), is that a hidden bid can be opened by the client. Elancers were also told that hidden bids applied to newbie buyers rather than established ones. It'snot really possible to tell if this is true or not.  I asked this question somewhere else on this forum - but needless to say, I can't find it! (So I don't know if it was answered or not):smileyfrustrated:

Hi Nichola,


All oDesk clients regardless of whether they are new or experienced have main and hidden tabs on their candidate's page. They can review applications in their hidden tab at any time.

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria,


Did Odesk provide information to the clients that they can check hidden folder as well may be they find someone more professional there whom they are looking for?


Yesterday I have applied to a job and was 99% sure that i will get the job but  was unlucky so should I imagine that I was in dust bin?



Same thing happen to me. I was sure that i will get hired but bad luck.

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Is there any way a freelancer can know if his/her application was hidden apart from contacting the client? Also, take a look at my profile and tell me if my applications to writing jobs are likely to be hidden.


Swastik M wrote: Also, take a look at my profile and tell me if my applications to writing jobs are likely to be hidden.


 I think the feedback mentioning plagiarsm and your 50% Job Success rate is where your problem lies,... clients see that and don't want to take the risk...