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How to make a project milestone?

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Anna O Member Since: Mar 7, 2020
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Hi, I've submitted a proposal and the client wants to accept but she said: "Could you provide your proposed project milestones so I can properly hire you on upwork?"


I can't see where I can make/change this milestone? I clicked into "change terms' on the proposal but it just allows me to change the offer price. 

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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I think the client may simply want you to send her the description of the tasks and the dollar amounts. That what the clients I work with want from me for fixed-price contracts.


I send the note such as:

Task 1: Create database schema for storing data found in Customsers.xslx file - $300


Task 2: Create data loader tool for loading data from Customers.xlsx file into database - $225



...Just send the text... clients can then set up the contract. There IS now functionality for freelancers to add milestones to contracts, but I have never used that myself. And I don't think that is what your client is asking for.

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Richard W Member Since: Jun 22, 2017
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When sending you a job offer, your client can either accept the milestone(s) which you defined in your proposal or define the milestones herself. (If your proposal didn't split the job into milestones, then you proposed to do the whole job as one milestone.)


You can't change the milestones yourself at this stage. Once you've received a job offer and accepted it, you can then change or add milestones yourself. To be more precise, you can propose changes and the client chooses whether to accept them.


I suggest you propose some milestones to your client informally. If the client agrees to them she can define them all in her job offer, or just the first one. If she only defines the first one, you can define the others after you've accepted the job offer.