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How to make sure that it's not a scam?

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So, i got an invitation for a translation job. It match my skill set and i accepted the invitation. Later, after some basic questions, he asked me to translate 1200 words, he said as a 'speed and quality test' and i will not get paid for this.
Should i accept this test? How to make sure that it's not a scam?

He said this test is for all the candidates, and i saw that he is interviewing more than 40 people (and that's why i'm not sure).


Thank you Smiley Very Happy


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It's a scam, you're going to work for free

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Community Manager

Hi Talitha,


Clients can ask for samples of your past work or ask questions to evaluate your skills but they shouldn't request you to work for free. We'll have the team review the client account you are referring to and take appropriate actions. Please, check out this post with more tips about recognizing questionable jobs.

~ Valeria

He has some job posts and not really hired anyone (just one), and he sent invitation to so many people. Should i report him?

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In some fields, a short unpaid test is fairly normal. However on Upwork, it is is not a good practice. It is actually against Upwork's terms and conditions for clients to request free work. If you report the client, the job might be removed.


The thing is, some clients use "unpaid tests" to get their work done for free. A 1200 word translation seems a little long even if this were a platform where it was acceptable. Some clients may innocently suggest a test if they used other platforms where it is acceptable. But the length of this "test" does feel like free work to me.


Most likely it is a scam to get free work and it is also a T & C violation. 

Yes, i think so too, but i wasn't sure. My first test was just 5 sentences (and they paid for it) and 1200 words really surprised me Smiley Very Happy

But i didn't know that it's a T & C violation, thank you!

This is exactly how they do. 

A small paid test or a few paid contracts, so they can look legit (Verified Method of Payment + feedbacks) and ask all of a sudden for a work which will worth 5 times what they paid since they opened the account. 


The only test I ever accepted on Upwork was something like 15 words. Because the client had history and great feedbacks. 



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If 40 freelancers each do a 1200 word free test, a "client" just got a whole book translated for free if each freelancer does a different 1200 word snippet.  Definite scam.