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How to or When to get Job invitation from clients ?

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Abdul K Member Since: Feb 15, 2021
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I want to know About Job Invitation . How i can get job invitation from clients?  is there any ruls or any tips trick to get Invitation from clients and upwork ?




Abdul kayum

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Mary W Member Since: Nov 10, 2014
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Abdul, no one gets invitations for a very long time.  I think it was a couple of years before I get invitations that weren't scams.  Don't worry about it.  Most of the invitations I get aren't very good, anyway.

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Mikko R Member Since: Dec 26, 2015
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Yes, there is a trick to get loads of invitations.

The trick is to top your game. Quickly! What I mean is that you have a perfectly matching profile that looks fabulous to a narrow sector of very specific kinds of clients. You appear to them as the BEST OPTION BY FAR.

A profile with an empty work history would probably not work, so you need a perfect Upwork track record matching the profile that all in all looks perfect to your client.

And this doesn't necessarily mean you need to earn $100K to get to that point. Such track record can be created in a matter of months, to my experience, so you shouldn't worry. Even $10K could be enough if your niche hits the market at the right time in the right way and you manage to remain looking like the most unique and capable expert in your narrow field over here.

Good luck with the pursuit, Abdul!

(PS. Once you're there, your main problem is how to filter out the mediocre clients that initially look like the best kinds of clients. But that's a secondary problem and mainly a topic for optimization. One thing at a time...)

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Abdul K Member Since: Feb 15, 2021
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Thanks, Mikko 

i got it Smiley Happy