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How to prevent Upwork Team App from auto-launch on OS X?

Hello, colleagues.


I've installed Team App on OS X Yosemite and the app now is launching right after I do login into the system. I have removed it from the "Login Items" list but it is restoring itself in the list on every app launch. Is it possible to prevent the Team App from adding to the Login Items?


Hi Sergey, 


I think that sould be quite easy.


While you Team App is opened navigate to the top bar. Go to Odesk Team -> Preferences -> General




Uncheck where it says, "Automatically start oDesk Team when I start my computer."


That's it!


Good luck. 

Babalwa, thank you for advice. Smiley Happy


Looks like Upwork Team App has no "Preferences" menu inside Top Bar. I even was trying to activate it by pressing "⌘," – with no luck. I had no Mac when it was "oDesk Team App" but looks like "Upwork Team App" has no standard settings feauture for OS X.


But I just found preferences window in other place. To open "Preferences" window, open Upwork Team App window, click your name at the bottom of the window and click "Preferences" in the opened menu.


Anyway, your advice helped me because I've done some more research after reading it. Thank you. Smiley Happy


The new version doesn't have a prefernces choice in the pulll down menu.


Any thoughts?

Found it.


you have to use the one on the time tracker window, not messages window.

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