How to reduce the time spent

I have worked on a job for hourly rate and completed the task successfully. The client wanted me to do one more task and i have done it using time tracker. But now we desided to create a new contract for that task, the client has sent me an offer it and i've accepted it. Manually i've added spent time. But now i want to subtract this time in the first offer.
I've deleted all the screenshotes of my work in work diary but i can't subract the time. How can i do that?
Thanks in advance. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Viktor,


If you deleted the screenshots from the first comtract's Work Diary, the total logged time for this week on that contract should be reflected in the Work Diary immediately. Other reports do take a bit more time to update, so please check the Work Diary and pm me the contract details if the number of hours haven't changed, so I could take a look.


As a side note, check and make sure you've removed the screenshot for the right contract.


Yes, it took ~1 hour to be updated and the number of hours has changed.
Thank you!