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How to remind/encourage clients to end the contracts?

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JIAN L Member Since: Sep 3, 2019
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From time to time I will have some clients who did not end the contracts. I am thinking what might be a good way to remind/encourage them to end the contracts? Normally I will tell them after I got the fund which is after pending. But I found out it might be difficult to contact certain clients. It seems that as soon as they got the completed projects. They will not come back to UpWork often. So I am thining when is a good time to talk with clients about it. Option 1: Right after I submit the project Option 2: Right after the client approved the milestone Option 3: Wait till I got the fund which is after pending From your experience, when will be a good time to remind/encourage clients to end the contracts? And any other tips about it? Thanks.

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Jason B Member Since: Jan 3, 2020
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I usually give the client a week or so to close the contract on their own.  If they don't, I send them a nicely worded message.  Something like "If you don't see any additional work for this project coming int he near future, can you please close our contract to indicate our work has been completed?".  I've heard some people include a phrase like "this will help avoid any accidental charges to the wrong contract..."  I've never done this, but they may take it more seriously and actually close the contract Smiley Happy


If you're having troubles getting clients to close and leave feedback, don't worry.  It takes a LOT of no feedback contracts to hurt your JSS.

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Erik S Member Since: Apr 6, 2018
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This has been an issue for years... I really wish Upwork came up with something that encourages/helps/reminds/TELLS clients to end a contract right after they pay for a job, with the OPTION to leave it open in case there are more milestones coming.