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How to respond to client feedback?

Can anyone help me on this


I have received feedback but it is hidden until i provide my feedback to the client, so my question is this


1) How to know what feedback the client has given so that i can respond accordingly.

2) If my client has given a negative feedback(which i do not think is the case ) i want to respond to it, for that i need to see what feedback he has given. But it seems i have to provide a feedback first so it is circling up.

3) I have seen some freelancer have responded to clients feedback which shows in their profile, how do i do that?



You can't see the feedback until you have given feedback as well or if fourteen days have passed.


Basically, both you and your client are supposed to leave feedback without knowing what the other person said. This is supposed to help make sure that you give honest feedback that is not influenced by the feedback you received.


Once you have both left feedback, you can read what the client stated and then respond to it. This means that there will be the initial feedback that both you and your client left and then your response to the client's feedbackl

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Hi Prajwal,


The feedback system is double-blind which means that the feedback will not show until the both parties gave the feedback. If you don't leave the feedback, the client's feedback will show two weeks after the contract was ended, but then you won't be able to add your feedback.

You will see the option to respond to client's feedback once it shows on your profile and we encourage you to use the option if you disagree with the client's feedback.


Check out this article to find out about how the feedback system works.

~ Valeria

Thank you David and Valeria, all well with the comment . 

Now where do i post my feedback to the comment so that it is displayed on my profile?

I think you if you find your contract there should be a button to click which will allow you to leave feedback.


Go to your Jobs page, then hit contracts. Make sure the closed contracts box is clicked. Then just go through your list until you see the contract. Click on it and you should be able to leave feedback.


There might be an easier way to do this but I don't know what it is. If anyone else has an easier way, hopefully they'll post it here.

Hello Prajwal,


I think you would see the following article in order to provide response against the contract which has been ended:




In that article, it mentions following:


The Details

To respond to a feedback comment:

  1. Click the My Jobs tab, and then click Contracts. 
  2. Next, select the title of the contract to get to the details page. 
  3. In the Feedback pane, click Respond. Once submitted, response cannot be edited.


So, the best way is, go to My jobs tab, then click contracts and put the "title of the contract (here you would put the name of the contract like "Researcher needed for assistance) in the "contracts" search box. Make sure you have clicked on the closed contracts tab as David said. When you find that contract "Researcher needed for assistance", you would click on it to view the details. After that you would see there is a feedback pane which says "click to Respond". In this way, you can respond to client's feedback. Hope it helps


Have a great day 🙂




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