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How to revamp my profile?

Hello Guys,


I  have started working on Upwork in 2015 and got the top-rated badge in a few months. I was getting many invitations every month and worked around 40 to 50 hours weekly. But, for a personal reason, I could not work properly on Upwork around 2 years (I was working 10 to 15 hours/weekly) and declined a good number of invitations every week. Nowadays, I'm trying to get back again and work full time on Upwork but don't get any invitation. If I apply to 4/5 jobs, I get 1/2 interview invitations but after discussion, everything doesn't match all the time, so need to apply more. I think, when I was invited without applying, I got better matches and it saved my time as well.
I'm an expert in my job. I have taken expert courses and I have 6 years of experience in my field (I worked for 2 agencies outside Upwork for 3 years). I'm updated with all the changes in my job field. I got an invitation for joining Upwork talent cloud but I could not try then (maybe 2/3 years ago).
Now, how I can get more automatic job invitations? (without applying) and is there any opportunity to join Upwork Talent Cloud?

Thank in advance!

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This summer upwork limited clients on the free plan for 3 invited per job, so the invitations in general are lower now.  


The Talent cloud doesn't exist anymore.

Hi Viacheslav,

Thanks for the reply. I know that clients on a free plan can send limited invitations but still, there are many clients who use paid subscriptions and send invitations to more than 3 freelancers. I feel, my profile somehow lost it's ranking and now I'm trying to know how actually I can get back my position.


Also, could you please tell me more about the talent could existence. I read this article https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/articles/218373797-Work-with-Enterprise-Clients?flash_digest=b5b... and seems talent cloud is still here.



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