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Re: How to search for developers by skill (specifically F#)

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Greg H Member Since: Jul 9, 2018
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So if I do a google search for F# developers - I can get to this page on upwork

Which is an excellent way to quickly sort and look at profiles. However, it says to "view more profiles, join upwork" if you click either on that or log in, you end up at the regular freelancer search box. 

If I type in F# there, I basically just get everyone back. There's no way to sort easily or see in that same easy format. I've tried "f #","f#", "f sharp" etc. Also, when I search for job posting to see going rates, i can only find 4. That seems unrealistic. 

I would like somewhere that I can go and click a filter that has the actual skill (that the freelancers put on their profiles) along with their rates. etc. 

How can I find that, or at least replicate that first page above, but with more than the 11 results that "ad" page resturns? 

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Greg H Member Since: Jul 9, 2018
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So a little more playing and I think your entire website is broken. The search doesn't work at all the way it should. And there should definitely be a way to search freelancers by skills. 

1. go to here -

2. change anything - such as percent of jobs completed

3. receive completely random results that have nothing to do with the first search


Same thing that happens from the logged in search page


Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Thanks for sharing your experience, Greg. We'll share your post with the team that's working on improving freelancer search. 

~ Valeria
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Greg H Member Since: Jul 9, 2018
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Thanks. If you're interested though, in clicking around to figure out what was going I found all kinds of behavior that was counterintuitive and made the website experience very clunky and bad. For example, when I first clicked on the reply button for this response, it took me to my job posting page. i had to click back and click reply again to get to a form to reply. 


e.g if you click on view profile from the original link i mentioned, you can't actually get to their profile. it goes to sign up, and if you log in, you go straight to your own home. so from a search, where you think you found some good people, the way to get to them does not follow the same standard as literally every other website out there. most log you in, and then forward you to the original page (in this case the profile) that you were looking. 


That's one example. If the PM for the website is interested, be happy to have a conversation with them. 




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Greg H Member Since: Jul 9, 2018
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By the way, this still doesn't work. I'm unable to search for freelancers by skill or computer language. 

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Steven E. L Member Since: May 5, 2015
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@Greg H wrote:

By the way, this still doesn't work.

Pointing out bugs, deviations from design standards, and other illogical behavior on Upwork is a full time job.

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Greg H Member Since: Jul 9, 2018
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yeah i get that, it just seems like this is so core to their mission. I honestly don't care how it gets implemented, but I'd like to post a job, and then go through and find F# (or another skill) people, rank them by hours, jobs completed, and rate, and then invite them to the job. Otherwise I'm just sort of "hoping" that the best people see it, while fending off every random consultant who didnt' read the description and thinks they can do it.  


I mean this isn't some random esoteric feature request that i'm nitpicking. This is literally the core mission of this website. Fine if the search box can't be upgraded to allow for "#, ++" etc. But then have a way for me to select skills to be included in the profiles, that's not possible either. I mean, there has to be some way to make this work. It's just dumb for it not to.