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How to select portfolio samples in Upwork and more

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Daniel T Member Since: Sep 10, 2015
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I agree... But I don't understand how could (and still can) Elance afford multiple files, with 100 Mb limit per file and portfolio item selecting (those files are already uploaded, I just need to add them to my proposal, and this way I'm reuploading them and it takes more space and bandwith, for milions of users)

And on the other side, all job proposals and all messages are undeletable... If they have a concern on the storage space, why don't they let me delete my old declined proposals and old messages, with all attached files? Messaging system here is a nightmare. It was way better on Elance, so as the proposals list, arhive and management.

If it wasn't a MUST, I would never transfer from Elance to UpWork.
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Fabrice P Member Since: Dec 4, 2015
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Not only the one-attachment limitation is irritating, one wonders what's the rationale behind it. It's hard to believe that it's for reducing storage costs given the expected increase of revenues following the Elance/oDesk merger.


I think UpWord's UX includes many poor design choices. An example is that basic details of bidders aren't immediately visible any more: you must hover EACH bidder, and the info is AJAX-loaded not preloaded, so you have to wait like a second. For each bidder. Not the end of the world, but laborious. And for what?


Other similar examples could be mentioned.


I like the fact that client's average hourly rate paid is now immediately visible: very handy as it allows to instantly discard clients with unacceptably low average rates.


So there are cool innovations too. But it would be awesome if they could be more proactive with freelancers' criticism.