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How to send Payment Request to my client after completion of work ?


Myself Ashish and I'm new here, I just finished a job (the first) and send all the files to my client. The client told me that it is ok and very happy with my work.


Now the client is asking to send me a Payment Request, but I didn’t find any option to send Payment request to client.


Can you please help me out,  How can I send send a payment request to client ?

OR basically how to get payment from client ?


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Please help me on it.


Thanks and Regards



Hi Ashish,


In order for the client to pay you, they need to hire you on a contract. The client needs to send to you an offer following instructions here. Once you accept the offer, the client can send you a payment for your work. In the future please make sure you have an active contract in place before you start working. Feel free to follow up if you need any further assistance.

~ Nikola

Ok Thank you so much.

Can you please guide me on what should i do for this job that i have
already done.

Client was communicating over message section and i did this work.

I was really not aware about the process and did the client work without
accepting the proposal.

Next time i will definitely take care of it.

Now Please suggest, what can i do for this work done by me ?

How can i get my payment from client ?

Hi Ashish,


Please share with your client that he can to send you an offer following instructions here.


Thank you,

~ Nikola
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