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How to set different rates for different types of work such as Rush Fees, Premium Services, etc

I am looking into how to implement Rush Services for my clients so if they want something faster they can have it, but they would be charged a different rate.


In this article


it suggests

" For example, a basic form of your service could be $15 per hour. If the client needs more features with the service, offer a premium rate at $20 per hour. Finally, consider offering a premium package with a rush delivery that costs $40 or so per hour. "


But no where does it show you how to set that up in Upwork. As far as I can see there is a single rate on my profile and then on a per project basis you can alter that rate, but I don't see on how for a single project you can have more than one rate for  standard services versus expedited. 


You can address it in your profile and also in your proposal.  You aren't locked in to your profile rate anyway.


If you are working hourly and suddenly the client needs expedited service, they (and only they) can raise your hourly rate on the contract.  Or they could pay you a bonus for the additional amount.