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How to upload documents for clients to purchase ?

I'm creatively working on anumber of documents, such as strategic plan templates, Goal and milestone template  Iwish to upload for anyone to purchase. 


Is it possinle to do that on Upwork.? 


Iwrite alot and believe many of my tools may not be asked in first place, but if found, any person including upwork administration may need it.


Your guidance will be of great help.



William Sebunje


Hi William,


Thank you for reaching out. You may want to try creating a Project Catalog where you let clients come to you. When you create a project, it displays as a listing that clients can open to learn more. Clients find you by searching for the skills and services you offer.


You’ll personalize your project with a title, text, images, a video, and PDF work samples that describe what you offer. You can let client’s customize the project with extra service tiers and add-ons, too, if you like.

~ AJ
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