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How to use oDesk Team App?

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Hanan A Member Since: Nov 5, 2012
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Hello everyone... I'm not new to oDesk, but I've not had an hourly job before and I mainly stuck to fixed-prices jobs. Everything has been great so far, but I am considering applying to an hourly job any time soon because on fixed-prices jobs no hours are recorded on my profile, and I get to miss the chance to apply to very promising jobs that require a minimum number of working hours, which can only be achieved through hourly jobs. I downloaded oDesk Team App, but I'm not familiar with how to handle my work using the hourly jobs' system. I know it's explained on the site, but I honestly find it a little complicated. If there's anyone who can explain this to me, especially someone who's worked on an hourly job before, that'll be highly appreciated. Thanks guys! Hanan Aly
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Ayesha S Member Since: Nov 22, 2009
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Hi Hanan, Once you have an hourly job, you'll need to choose the client's team from the drop down on the tracker and then click "Start". The tracker will start logging your time. It monitors your keyboard activity and mouse clicks to measure activity levels. It takes random screenshots (roughly once every ten minutes or so) that get logged to your work diary as proof that you were working on the client's task. Once you are done, click "Stop" on the tracker so that it stops logging time. What you need to take care of while working on an hourly job is that you are being paid for the time you spend actively working on the job, hence while your tracker is running, you shouldn't have any unrelated program/browser tab open. You should be actively working, and shouldn't leave the tracker running when you are not working on that client's task. Once you finish off for the day, it is always a good idea to look over the work diary to make sure there are no irrelevant screenshots in there. You can do this Monday (Freelancer review period) as well, but it is always a better idea to keep an eye on the work diary as you go. Lastly, you need to add meaningful memos to your screenshots (the tracker asks for a memo every now and then as per your settings) so that the client can see where you spent the time. Hope this helps!
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Hanan A Member Since: Nov 5, 2012
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Thanks Ayesha for your reply. I need you please to clarify to me one point, though. When you said it is important to add meaningful memos to my screen shots, what does that mean? It's just that I have not yet used the app, but I'm actually on my way to do so since I've applied for hourly jobs and I'm interviewed in the mean time. Does these memos mean that I should add comments to the screen shots to explain what the screen shots represent? I'm sorry but it is a little complicated, may be because I have not used the app before and one usually understands things better when one gets to do them practically. Thank you in advance your your help.
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Junelle A Member Since: May 31, 2009
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[quote=Hanan A.]Does these memos mean that I should add comments to the screen shots to explain what the screen shots represent?[/quote] yes. but you don't have to do that with all your screenshots, especially if it's just one task done over a certain period of time. the tracker takes a screenshot during 10 minute increments (you can change the settings according to your preference). after about 30 minutes a popup appears and "reminds" you what your current memo indicates, so you have the option to change it. after you're done working, you can go review your work diary and edit the memos there as well.
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