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How to withdraw money if you're visiting the US?

Hi, I am currently visiting the US, and working while I'm here. I am new to ODesk and I want to withdraw money here, but ODesk asks me to either transfer my money to a bank account here (which should be under my name) or use paypal, payoneer, etc. which also ask for my social security number or taxpayer's id. but since i'm not a citizen here, I don't have SSN. Is it possible for me to transfer that amount to someone else's account, or to withdraw my money here without using social security number? or any other way? I'd really appreciate the help! Thanks.

First of all, if you are only visiting the US, are you sure you are allowed to work there? If you aren't a US citizen or resident (with a green card), and don't have a SSN or taxpayer ID, you need a work visa. Also, if you are only visiting, I don't know if you should have the US as your country in your profile. Regarding payment, assuming what you are doing is legal and doesn't violate oDesk T&Cs, can you withdraw the money to your bank in your home country and then wire transfer that to a US bank?
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