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How trustworthy is Upwork at all?

Ace Contributor

When I wanted to transfer funds to my bank account, I realized available funds are appr. $200 short. Checking records, I must see a $200 Freelancer Refund position in my Reports Overview. Quite interesting, as I sure have not refunded a penny, I have not received any confirmation about this refund, the notification list shows no initiated refund as well. So it looks like Upwork went and just took $200 out of my earnings, hoping I would not realize. It might turn out it was compliant to any of their policies, but not notifying me with one word is odd and does not add to a trustworthy relation.

Community Guru

Usually when a freelancer reports that type of experience (which is fairly rare given the huge number of transactions through Upwork) it is because the client (or the person whose credit card the client was using) issued a chargeback through their bank. When that happens, the financial institution takes the money back from Upwork, which in turn takes it back from you. Sometimes, the situation gets resolved and the money will put credited back to your account.


You definitely should have received a notification, but delivery of Upwork emails is dicey, so it's possibly you just haven't received the notification yet. If you contact customer service, they will be able to explain why the payment was reversed and whether you have options for recovering it.

Stephen, I'm sure a moderator will respond soon, but in the meantime, did you check your email spam folder?

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Hi Stephen, 

I checked and can see that you were able to lodge a ticket. The team is currently investigating the issue, and once they have feedback, they will get back to you via the same ticket. I apologise if this has caused you any inconvenience.

~ Avery