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How we can connect with each other if need to from the forum? I cant see any call or video option.

While browsing the forum, sometime we might like someone's thoughts and in order to discuss further, we can also send a personal message to other freelancers (I am not referring clients here).

But if we need to talk with each other further, or want to be in touch what is the possible way which will not violate the Upwork policies?

As like to contact with client, we have call/video options, but those options are not available here on the forum.

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I don't see Upwork making call/video options available between freelancers. It doesn't benefit Upwork to allow such communication. I'm sure Upwork believes the Private Messaging function here in the Forums is enough.


The integrated Upwork Zoom feature allows collaboration between freelancer and client, and this might benefit Upwork since it could lead to long-term contracts. But if freelancers start video chatting with each other, it would require more resources (i.e., computing/technical, personnel to manage and moderate, etc.) and spending more money isn't something Upwork is interested in right now.

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