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Huge increase in scam job listings

I keep seeing scam job listings in music and graphic design community in the template of "xxxx needed / ONGOING WORK " and there seems to be a huge increase in their numbers. They want freelancers to buy their soundpack or logopack or anything along those lines and Upwork moderators can't seem to keep up with them. This is really frustrating for freelancers who are trying to land gigs in order to make a living. Will there be a solution to this?


Hi Zafer, 


Thank you for reaching out to us and bringing this to our attention. Could you please share job post links so that we can look into this further and share information with the appropriate team? 


~ Nikola
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To list a few. I see this type of template constantly. Please also observe their number of job posts and hires. They always post these with zero hiring rates. I suspect they create new accounts all the time.

Thank you for sharing links, Zafer. 


I shared your report with our team for further review and appropriate actions will be taken based on our internal processes. 

I also shared your feedback and experience with our team for further review.


~ Nikola

The same happens also for art. Many proposals with the request to buy a kit of digital brushes ad essential condition to work. Many of these proposal have a link to gumroad. But the lasts have no links: they send the link directly to candidates, via private message. Here the link of one of those proposals https://www.upwork.com/nx/find-work/best-matches/details/~017a6c45130c7f1f3f?pageTitle=Job%20Details...


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I just flagged 20 scam jobs in my listings and the amount seems to grow everyday. It is really find to find anything decent and Upwork seems to do nothing to solve this problem. I am really disappointed. 


I too am now watching for every detail in a clients profile  before I bid on a job.

  • No Verification
  • Some foreign countiires (although not accurate because USA folks try to dodge taxes)
  • No ratings or prior jobs - whihc makes honest newby business almost impossible.
  • AND just a gut feeling.


I wish all you honest and good willed folks the best of luck. The WWW is getting to be the NON-place to do business. Back to the hardware store!!!!


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This is my listings everyday now.... 😞


Näyttökuva 2024-01-15 125535.jpg

Thumb down icon you used here do nothing. Use Flag as inappropriate option to report.

But yes, it is useless.

I am doing that also, thumbing down just to get of view of anything proper (not lately!). 

Upwork needs to take specific steps to prevent scams.

So suggest some ideas,  not just talk about it!

Maybe their dev team is not as enlightened to the situation. **Edited for Community Guidelines**

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Any suggestion to solve multiple issues this platform has, especially suggestions involving fair play and logic, fall on deaf ears. People able to think on their own and analyzing situations from multiple points, slowly move away from talking here. As such, I too, finally, start ignoring this forum because nothing will change if you speak to deaf one and show stuff to the blind one.

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Upwork doesn't seem to be doing anything special for it.

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So happy to see others reporting this!

I, unfortunately, fell for one of these scams - purchasing a "required font' off GumRoad. The font was Pawn Chop font sold by Perfeo Designs.

The user had a verfied ID and payment and asked to send a screenshot of the purchase. They then told me to "Send my porfolio and the screenshot" to a whole other company that seemed unrelated and deleted the posting.

Thankfully GumRoad refunded my purchase.

I see similar postings almost daily now that I flag, though posted from other countries as someone else noted.

Hope that Upwork can put a stop to them soon - they are clearly making quite a profit as they keep coming back for more!

It's good that you survived

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