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(I GOT SCAMMED) Client requested a chargeback after I delivered 1500$ of work

Hi there,

I know that this issue might already happen to a few Upwork sellers before, but this must be taken into considiration soon or many sellers will leave the platform.

Basiclly, I've been working with a client for a few month now and everything was going well. We finished the first contract of 410$ and the client gave a positive feedback, we finished the second contract of 250$ and again, the client gave a 5-star review, and then we started the third contract of 1400$, sepratated into 4 weeks (350$ each week). However, things didn't end well with this contract, because after the third week, the client took the work, stopped replying and I didn't hear from him since.


Recently, I was shocked to see that the client requested a chargeback for all the work I did for him, INCLUDING THE FIRST TWO CONTRACTS. Now Upwork froze all my transactions and they are asking me to pay 1500$ back to them, just because the client asked for a chargeback.

The funny thing is when I checked this client's website, I found out that he's still selling my work for thousands of dollars. I don't care how much he's selling my work but I'm just frastruated because even after spending countless hours and weeks working with this client, Upwork is still protecting him and doing nothing about it. I've been reaching out to customer support for several days (with proofs) and they are just replying with generic messages. NO REAL HELP OR INVISTAGATION.

To be honest, I've been working on Fiverr and some other platforms for years now and never got into a problem like this. I just wanted to give Upwork a try and build a good career there but this is very disappointing. 1500$ is 5-month salary here where I live, and there is no way I would be able to pay that amount back. If this problem didn't get solved, I will leave Upwork forever.

I hope someone here from the communiy read this message and assist me, because I feel lost and I don't know who to reach.


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When you work at a fixed price, Upwork does not protect you.

With hourly too. Chargebacks always approved.

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I know, but they are asking me to refund all the 3 contracts, two of them were already aproved by the buyer months before. This is obviously a fraud.

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I was scammed by a job offerer so called translatiings.com. I did my job, they were "happy" with it and told me that if i want to get my payment. I should pay them an international fee of $80. I didn't want to but I worked hard and they said that they will refund it with my payment ($1000). When i notified  Patrick Cote "financial manager of that company" about the $80 I paid, he said that I had to pay $55 more for whatever  issue they invented. I refused this time and they finished the chat with me through telegram. I denounced them everywhere  I could in Internet. Be careful. I still see them offering the same  job in upwork....

In your case, you were scammed because you haven't learned how to use Upwork. Read the terms of service and stop breaking them, then you'll be a lot less likely to get scammed. And stop "denouncing" this person all over the Internet - do you seriously think that a scammer told you their real name, or that they really work for whatever company name they gave you? 

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The first thing you should do is inform the client that they can't use your work since it hasn't been paid for, and you'll file a DMCA takedown notice if he doesn't remove it from his website. Since he obviously wants your work, you have some leverage.


Upwork will try to fight the chargeback if you supply them with the information that they request - have you done this?

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